Weekly Tec news

Week in dive news:

I will be publishing a blog each week where I try to capture any dive news that I found interesting or that I think will be interesting to the technical dive community. If you hear of something, send me an email at tobinp68@yahoo.com.

Gear News:

Hollis released the Hollis TX1 Dive computer. Check it out here. This is a wrist mounted, three button, trimix dive computer using the Buhlmann ZH-L16C algorithm.

Liquivision has released a software update for several of their dive computers. Check out the software page for your specific model.


No big updates from the training agencies this week.

However, for those customers of mine that came to me through Toucan Dive, unfortunately, Toucan Dive and I will no longer be continuing our business relationship. I will however, continue to provide technical dive instruction and organize technical dives. I have set up three new charters that will posted here soon. Or you can go to my Facebook page, where I have them up already.


The official PADI TecRec blog has a great article on the benefits of Technical Diving to the recreational diving public called: I don’t want to be a Tec Diver so what can Tec Diving do for me?

I came across an interesting article on Isobaric Counter Diffusion here. For those not familiar with the term, Isobaric Counter Diffusion (ICD) is a condition generally believed to occur when rapidly diffusing helium goes in to solution in a tissue faster than slower diffusing nitrogen comes out. This can result in a total tissue pressure that is too high and results in bubble formation and DCS (particularly inner ear DCS). It may also contribute to skin DCS if using another gas such as Argon for drysuit inflation. This article suggests that it can occur during ascents as well when one is going from trimix to air/nitrox.

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