Weekly Tec News


IMPORTANT RECALL NOTICE. Hollis has issued recall notices for both their Explorer and Prism2 BOVs. If you own either unit, please read the details on these.

Dive Rite is working with some third party electronic logbooks to improve compatibility with the Nitek Q series dive computers.

Ok. This article over at Scuba Tech Philippines is not particularly new (Jan 2014), but I know a lot of divers complain about commercially made regulator necklaces so here is an example of how to make your own.


Reminder: PADI will have their first 2014 TecRec update webinar for TecRec instructors on May 20. Check here for details and here to register. Next week, I will post a summary of the updates.


Over on the PADI TecRec Blog, they have a post on the Poseiden MKVI/SE7EN launch program.

PADI also has this post on the differences between tec and rec (at least with rebreathers) and the importance of not forcing tec diving requirements on recreational divers. While the blog post has a rebreather focus, I think OC divers can think of similar examples.

Over on Linkednn, this was posted in the PADI Pros group. It is an interesting recounting of one teams dive in Thailand to determine the exact depth of a sink hole (152 m). Not 152 ft, but 152 m. So leaving the bottom at 14 minutes, the final dive time was 222 min. That is some serious deco time. Check it out.



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